LEED Certification and Greening Practices

Connectivity Solutions, LLC is a proud participant in the quest to find solutions in today's existing energy consumption issues.   Connectivity Solutions, LLC has joined local leaders and organizations in an alliance with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGB) to help develop strategies that take existing structures and convert them into more energy efficient spaces.  Our company has the ability to provide education and assistance to property managers, owners and homeowners in assisting them to reduce the property's carbon foot print and move to transforming and preparing these spaces for LEED certification.

Our LEED certified staff is qualified to assist and develop an implementation process for green building standards, metrics and goals at all levels. We are dedicated to being a sole resource for conversion into a more energy efficient property.

By promoting a green building initiative with the use of the LEED-EB: O&M Assessment we can help your organization in the following areas:

  • Estimate the cost and benefits of potential sustainability investments

  • Determine where to focus green dollars for the greatest impact

  • Integrate sustainability programs into the capital planning process

Commercial Property:

Connectivity Solutions, LLC:  LEED-EB: O&M Assessment provides a comprehensive plan for greening opportunities that will provide both short-term and long-term impacts within the environmental, social and economic traditions. This assessment includes: procedural actions, policy changes and energy and environmental initiatives. By applying the recommendations made by Connectivity Solutions, LLC your organization will be well on its way to creating a sustainable institution which could lead to LEED-EB: O&M Certification. 

Home Owners:

What would it be like to create a healthy environment for your family while at the same time creating a sustainable impact for the environment? Connectivity Solutions, LLC is dedicated to changing the current ideologies of it will cost too much to convert our house green to how do we begin? We begin with an educational program that allows your home to reduce its carbon foot print within 30 days. By taking on this challenge, as a homeowner, you will not only save money and energy you will be assisting the millions of people who want to save this planet and create a brighter future for generations to come. In addition we can develop a comprehensive plan in converting your household over to greener practices through: evaluating energy efficiency, water conservation and site sustainability practices. Connectivity Solutions, LLC provides a comprehensive assessment on existing structures, energy usage and assessing gray water and storm water runoff and site sustainability. 

What is involved in the assessment process? We develop guidelines that are consistent with USGBC recommendations which include the following areas:

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Water Conservation

  • Indoor Air Quality

  • Site Sustainability

  • Materials and Construction

  • Waste Management

  • Organic Garden Practices

  • Carbon Footprint Reduction Program

For additional information please contact:

Sharon Ryan-Gotimer, LEED-AP

 Vice President of Environmental Products

Phone: (410) 353-5662

Email: sharon@connectivitysolutionsllc.com


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