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Connectivity Solutions is a Manufacturer's Representative Agency. Focusing on physical layer products, we offer end to end solutions from copper and fiber to testing and cabinetry.

Connectivity Solutions is more than the sum of our 40 years experience and technical expertise... it is a way of going to market.

Connectivity Solutions leverages its experience to sell and specify products productively, and initiates large national contracts which can be satisfied by our product lines.

The result of this approach is that Connectivity Solutions provides instant success for our distributors who we train to sell our products. Not all distributors are proactive and willing to be trained or specify products to their customers. We select distributors carefully according to the needs of our Manufacturers. The result is more people selling products.

Connectivity Solutions territory includes the following geographic regions:

  • Washington, DC
  • Virginia
  • Maryland

Not all distributors we deal with carry all of the products we carry. The needs of a given line determine the distributors access to a line.

Connectivity Solutions has a small focused group of lines. The goal of course is to develop a line card which is synergistic. This imperative is driven by our approach to selling which is specifying. Our current line offering includes :
Snake Tray
A-D Technologies

Connectivity Solutions has all of the necessary attributes to support any network team.

  • A well regarded Technical sales staff
  • A strong understanding of distribution
  • A strong presence and customer base
  • Complimentary lines
  • Incremental sales oriented sales philosophy

Daniel P. Gotimer - President
Dan has direct experience in the Telecommunications Industry since 1985. He has a wide background as a Purchasing and Contracts Manager with GTE, Martin Marietta, Westinghouse, Raytheon and Black and Decker.

Dan's experience combined with his Education (MBA) makes him well suited to pursue business with major firms including Bell Atlantic, Nynex, EDS, GTE, etc. Additionally, he has been a successful salesperson and General Manager for Vertex Electronics and Kent Electronics. Most recently, he was Vice President for Branch Data Comm. and ANPG.

Dan is an RCDD and spends considerable time in specification/design work and training.

Daniel P. Gotimer, RCDD
3282 Green Ash Road
Davidsonville, MD 21035
Phone : (410) 798-7994
FAX : (410) 798-0368
Email :


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