Connectivity Solutions can help you select the right products for your physical cable plant. Our lines include Hitachi Cable America, Lynx, and Hammond Manufacturing. All of these products lines are among the highest performing on the market and truly represent the best values in the Industry.

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Connectivity Solutions has a small focused group of lines. The goal of course is to develop a line card which is synergistic. This imperative is driven by our approach to selling which is specifying.

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Hitachi’s Performance Cable Systems and Materials division designs and manufactures copper and fiber optic communication cables and assemblies for the telecommunications industry. Products support applications such as Ethernet, Industrial Ethernet, video, Power Over Ethernet, HDMI, Infiniband and more.

Manufacturing has been done at the Manchester, New Hampshire facility since 1986.

Signamax’s Network Solutions products offer a complete end-to-end networking solution through a single vendor that are commercial and industrial grade, ranging from media converters to powerful 10 Gigabit switches. They offer a wide-range of high-performance and cost effective product options including components that support Power over Ethernet (PoE) installations and advanced network management requirements so you can build a foundation for success.

Signamax’s Connectivity Solutions products have the advanced manufacturing capabilities, rigorous testing, and stringent standards to ensure your structured cabling system will stand up to any challenge. From Category 6A, 5e, fiber optics, work area outlets, patch panels, to cross-connect systems and more, we equip you with high- quality, flexible solutions for an infrastructure you can count on.


For more than 100 years, customers who have required unsurpassed performance, wide selection and durability for power distribution, racks and enclosures have relied on the Hammond brand. Hammond became a leading supplier of transformers, racks and cabinets as well as enclosures for the electrical and electronic industries.

Through the last four decades, the Company expanded its focus on the U.S. and International markets. Hammond made several strategic acquisitions of transformer companies and became one of the largest suppliers of magnetics to the North American electrical OEM market. It has also formed several strategic alliances with U.S. and European companies to broaden its already extensive offering of enclosures and related accessories.

Lynx Broadband

Lynx uses an RF balun to distribute SMATV, CATV, and MATV on Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable, It delivers up to 60 channels simultaneously over 100 meters (or 134 channels over 68 meters), and works in HD, digital, and analog. Lynx will also allow you to run ethernet and TV over a single Cat 5 or 6 cable. Lynx also makes it possible for you to run Component video, S-video, and Composite video all of Cat 5 and Cat 6 cables.

NORLINX started over 25 years ago as a software developer for retail and electronic business applications. Near the end of 1999, we were approached by the data center industry’s first intelligent power strip manufacturer with an opportunity that would change the direction and focus of our company.

In short, the opportunity was to create an enterprise software solution for managing thousands of data center power strips (PDU’s). After close evaluation and obtaining a broader understanding of the data center industry, we embarked on a journey to create a unique value proposition that would go beyond the integration and management of data center power strips exclusively.After meeting with dozens of data centers and industry providers, we discovered a clear demand for software that could help create higher resiliency for IT equipment and facility infrastructure – all managed under a single pane of glass. During the year 2000, NORLINX launched Global Site Management (GSM) and began to address critical questions within the data center.

Damage Prevention Solutions, LLC has been working with industry since 2012 to design and commercialize Signaltape, a next generation line of damage prevention systems for buried utilities. Signaltape has been engineered to address the weaknesses of existing buried utility safety systems. Specifically, Signaltape is designed to prevent excavation accidents to buried utilities by providing an obvious warning signal directly to the excavation crew before any damage has been done to the buried utility; without requiring any pro-activity or compliance from the excavation crew.

Eupen has redefined OEM-BASED LOGISTICS in the wireless industry, setting new standards for performance, service and value in manufacturing and provisioning wireless infrastructure products. Eupen has built a network of industrial processing and logistics centers to provide regional excellence on a national platform. Eupen locations in Tampa, FL; Dallas, TX; Phillipsburg, NJ; Salem, OR and Mexico City, Mexico provide a complete line products and services, including site steel components, anywhere in North America in the shortest lead possible. Eupen is called on by the best in wireless to solve their toughest problems in their most challenging markets. Eupen’s low loss cable, connectors and jumper assemblies are in a class of their own. Eupen engineering maximizes electrical performance and mechanical integrity

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